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BSA Receives Recognition from the American Theatre Wing

February 21, 2017

Broome Street Academy is pleased to announce that the American Theatre Wing, best known as the creator of the Antoinette Perry “Tony” Awards, is awarding BSA’s drama program with a Classroom Resource Grant from the Andrew Lloyd Webber Initiative. 

“I believe passionately that the arts should be available to all young people. The grant proposals received revealed an incredible level of need in every corner of America. This is merely a start – and a thrilling one – but I’ve never been more aware of the challenge ahead,” said Andrew Lloyd Webber.

 “There is no more vital way to ensure the long term health of our art form than to provide educational resources for young students with a passion for the theater. The need is nothing short of overwhelming, and our goals are ambitious. We are filled with pride over this year’s grants. Our focus is now on the expansion of this program that Andrew started, to cover even more schools across every corner of this country,” said Heather Hitchens, President of the American Theatre Wing.

With the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation’s help, the American Theatre Wing is investing in Public Schools to help drama teachers get more of the resources they need to provide quality drama instruction in their schools. This project is an expansion of the work that the multi-Tony Award winning composer and producer has been doing to promote and fund arts education through his Foundation in the United Kingdom.

Through this Classroom Resource grant-giving program, funding is provided directly to under-resourced public schools to provide instruments, dance floors, lighting grids, and other necessary materials to help create new and enhance existing theatre programs. 

These grants are part of the American Theatre Wing’s Andrew Lloyd Webber Initiative, a major new national initiative which received $1.3 million in seed funding from the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation to promote diversity, equity, and access to the arts. The Initiative’s focus is to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity, creating a stronger pipeline to the professional theatre for promising artists of all backgrounds—fostering a future generation of theatre makers and patrons that reflects the diversity and dynamism of America as a whole.  

“The recognition from the American Theatre Wing is a tremendous honor,” said Dr. Barbara McKeon, Head of School. “With the additional lighting and sound equipment we can provide an  authentic stage experience as well as opportunities to learn technical skills associated with stage production”  According to Ms. Damon, Arts Department Chair “lighting and sound, blend the all the elements on stage into a unified whole. Thanks to the American Theater Wing and The Andrew Lloyd Webber Initiative, our young people can experience that wholeness!”

More information about the ALW Classroom Resource Grants can be found at: http://americantheatrewing.org/program/the-andrew-lloyd-webber-initiative/

We also made a short video for the American Theatre Wing to thank them for their support and recognition: