BSA praised by Chancellor Fariña

March 18, 2014
BSA - a 'phenomenal' school doing something 'uniquely different that we can learn from'.

Chancellor Fariña, in an interview on NY1 on March 17th praised BSA as a "phenomenal" school:

"I visited one [charter school] last week that I thought was phenomenal, Broome Street Academy. Charters were originally set up to add value to the system, so I am focusing on charter schools that are doing something uniquely different that we can learn from."

Amidst the current volatility in the sector, it was promising and humbling to see that the new administration understands the importance of schools like ours, dedicated to serving youth who need a little more support to succeed. BSA was created to serve students most at-risk of dropping out, including homeless and transitionally housed youth and students involved in the foster care and child welfare systems. Our unique partnership with The Door, along with our team of educators, social workers, counselors and support staff work with each student to develop a path towards success and help them graduate prepared for life post high school.

Watch the interview or read the trancript on NY1's website.

Read the letter the Chancellor sent to BSA after her visit.

Check out the Chancellor's speech where she calls BSA 'inspiring'.